Delush “Babewatch”

There’s neons, and then there’s eye-searing, traffic-stopping, camera-baffling NEONS. This is the latter. This is “Babewatch,” a pink neon crelly with vibrant indigo hex and circle glitters in different sizes from Delush. 

First: circle glitters. Woah. I see why people go nuts over them. They’re cool. Plus they don’t stick out like other pokey big glitters. I like that this has a mix of big circle glitters, small curcle glitters, and medium and small hexes, all in the same color. The color of the glitter really pops against the neon pink. It’s a lot of brightness, but it really works. 

  Additionally, the formula is the perfect combination of opaque and see-through. Somehow the glitters are shining through the different layers…but my nail line is not. Perfection. This took one more layer than its collection-mate “Turn Over a New Reef” (gushingly reviewed here), but it is still pretty spot-on in terms of formula. I don’t know what form of magic Delush uses when she’s making her polish, but it’s some good stuff. This neon is easy to use, not even a tiny bit thick or chalky, and the glitter is easy to spread and get out (note the pinky with two big circles- no fishing required). Any one of several elements (big glitter, neon color, crelly), would normally be a red flag (or an excuse) for a poor formula, but this is completely awesome. No excuses, just a good time. 
 Every new polish from Delush that I come across just makes me want more. Their formulas are top-of-the-line across the board and I am yet to be disappointed. There are new brand you try that you kind of just give them a pass, or you’re just “meh” about some element and think “well maybe the next one will knock my socks off.” Delush is not that. They’re fast becoming a brand that I trust to always be great. Strong recommend. 

Babewatch” and the rest of the very neon Summer 2015 collection are available in regular size and minis on the Delush website (and prices are great for an indie- right around what an OPI or Essie costs near me). There’s a lot of other great things on there, including some scented cuticle oils I’m dying to get my hands on. 


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