Starting a PhD in Nail Polish

This blog serves as my creative outlet while I work on my PhD. Things in the land of graduate student are generally great (books! travel!), but there are days when I strongly consider changing my dissertation topic to painting my nails. Except my advisor would never go for that. (But it’s out of the box! Unique! Never been done before! please…?) So nail polish remains my minor. I tell myself it’s a practical life skill.

I am doing a PhD In History of Art and Architecture, and my real jam is all things Medieval (hence the background picture of this blog). My great love of shiny things transfers from the art I study (oh yeah, Byzantine art- go for the gold!) over to nail polish. My favorite lacquer colors/types are gold (in all finishes), shiny (which is a color), holo, and purple (ALL the purples).

To fulfill my desire for greater glory (I came, I saw, I painted my nails), I decided to start a blog to showcase my feeble talents. Also because I’m fairly sure that no one I know wants to hear about the difference between scattered holo and linear holo again. So welcome! Bring me your tired, your hungry, and your nail polish obsessed. Maybe we’ll get through my PhD together.


2 thoughts on “Starting a PhD in Nail Polish

  1. Have you seen the Ciante Christmas ornaments at Sephora? So cute! They also have Christmas nail polish poppers! 🙂

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