Spelling L-O-V-E with OPI and Colors by Llarowe

Hey all! I figure that it’s about time to get the Valentine’s Day-themed manis started. I have so much fun doing holiday-themed nail art and always forget to post in time- but hey, Valentine’s Day isn’t until Tuesday, so I’m ahead of the game for the moment, right?

For this look, I went with a simple spelling theme. I’ve been loving textured polishes lately (because I am lazy and they are fast), so I started off with OPI’s frosty baby pink texture polish “Pussy Galore.” It is named after a character in James Bond book/movie Goldfinger, but it also feels timely given other goings-on in the world.

Once the textured base had dried (i.e. after I took a nap), I used vinyl stencils to spell out L-O-V-E and to add a bow to my accent nail on the other hand. (True facts: I use my Cinderalla hand to experiment with the look I’m going for and so while most of the times it looks totally wonky, once in a while one nail looks better than any of the ones on my left hand (the one you normally see), so I use that for the macro photo instead.) I got these nail vinyls a year (or two?) ago in a Valentine’s bundle and don’t remember properly where I got them from. I’m a bad, bad blogger for not knowing- apologies. The polish I used for stenciling is Colors by Llarowe “Dirty Diana,” a magenta holo that happens to be one of the first indie polishes I ever bought. Yep, still love it, even all these years later.

I’m still working on my vinyls skills and creativity. I always have a lot of trouble because my nails are pretty curved, both side-to-side and top-to-bottom, but I’m working on it. Let me know if you have any workarounds or suggestions!


3 thoughts on “Spelling L-O-V-E with OPI and Colors by Llarowe

  1. This is so good! the cutest manicure ever! I love pink and this is definitely something I would get done. Not do it myself, because I’m a disaster. And maybe not even get it done because, well, I bite my nails. But it looks beautiful. You’re extremely talented. Will be following you from now on. xo

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