Colors by Llarowe “Precious Metal”

Today I’ve got Colors by Llarowe “Precious Metal”,  a light gray-lilac with color-shifting shimmer. The shimmer is on the medium-subtle side (a highly technical definition), but when you can see it, the shift goes from green to reddish orange. In the right light, I think this is a really nice subtle stunner. I think that you could definitely file shade this under “work appropriate”, if you’re looking for something with a bit more interest than a nude creme (although, nude cremes are having a moment, so don’t let me rain on your parade if that’s what you’re into). Luckily, since “grad student” is my “work”, pretty much any color I’m feeling will fly at my workplace/the library.

Colors by Llarowe Precious Metal The formula on this is very nice. A bit on the thicker side, but that makes it a bit easier to work with. I’m showing three coats hear, but I could have done with two. I really like the wider, flatter brush that the CbL bottles have- which is saying something for me, since my nails are really small, meaning that I sometimes have problems with really large brushes (might as well just paint the whole hand).

Colors by Llarowe Precious MetalOn me, the color leans more to the gray side (or maybe it’s just the prevailing weather/lighting in my life), but the shimmer is really very nice. I was surprised at how different this polish looked in different lights, so I went all over my apartment trying to show off its different sides. Imagine me climbing into the window (they’re high up) for this shot:

Colors by Llarowe Precious MetalDo you see the shimmer? Do you?

Colors by Llarowe Precious MetalThere it is again! This time in pink/orange.

Colors by Llarowe Precious MetalYou can get this polish on Llarowe’s website (which is soon to undergo some exciting updates!) for $12. As much as I love Llarowe’s polishes, I love her site and service even more. I love the selection of polishes available, and really appreciate the high quality of service that she and her team provide for polish-addicted customers. Although Precious Metal is out of stock now, you can follow her Facebook page for updates on restocks (even better, add it to your wishlist on the site, and it will send you an email when the color is restocked).


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