Polished by KPT “Calypso”

Polished by KPT is one of my go-to brands for unique, high-quality thermals. Calypso, part of the brand’s special 3rd anniversary trio, is no exception. There’s a great contrast between the fuschia pink of the “warm” color and the deep plum of the “cold” color, and the polish is jam-packed with other elements that make it stand it from the crowd (like pink shimmer and holo microglitter). The transition is speedy and impressive, even in the absurdly hot summer weather.   
I really love the depth and sparkle of this. The different size holo microglitter and the pink shimmer amp this up to another level. Sure, you can find a pink-purple transition in almost any thermal brand/line. But you’re not going to find another one like this. It just has so much going on, in exactly the right way. It looks killer in all lights and is sparkling back to the cheap seats. High impact for your money’s worth. 

I was pretty impressed with the formula as well. Thermals can get pretty thick, especially when they have other added elements (glitter, shimmer), but this has a really good, usable consistency. Not thick at all. It also dried very quickly, which is especially helpful when your polish is changing colors and you can’t 100% tell where you’ve painted or how many layers. The opacity was also fairly reasonable for a thermal- I’ve had colors (from other brands) that take four coats and still leave VNL. You’re looking at three coats here and I am fairly confident that’s there’s no VNL to be found (I have a pet peeve about it and am always adding extra layers “just to be sure.”

 The 3rd Anniversary Trio came out a few months ago, but luckily Calypso is still available on Polished by KPT’s website. (If you’re interested in the rest of the trio, I reviewed the blue-green “Swimming with Mermaids” earlier this summer.) I realized that I have only ever purchased this brand during their pre-orders, so I can’t speak to the regular turnaround and shipping times. However, I can say that the packaging is top notch (I like the sleek, classy boxes), and everything is always packed with care. 


7 thoughts on “Polished by KPT “Calypso”

  1. I always have mixed feelings about thermals because I usually like one colour but not the other, but this is the exception. I actually just had to go order it before commenting here, lol. My cat’s name is Calypso, so that makes it even better! 😀

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