I Love Nail Polish “Washing Ashore”

To keep things from being an unremitting stream of holographic polishes, I’m spicing things up with a douchrome today. What we’ve got is the blue-green douchrome (with a bit of violet in low lighting) from new favorite brand I Love Nail Polish called “Washing Ashore”. In addition to the shiny douchrome color, there’s also an added bit of sparkle in there.

I Love Nail Polish Washing AshoreIn terms of viscosity, this polish was on the thinner side, but nothing that got in the way of my nail-polish-applying-and-wearing enjoyment. It was every so slightly patchy on the first coat, but perfectly opaque on the second. Chrome-y polishes can sometimes get streaky, but the finish on this is streak-free and forgiving of unsteady hands.

i love nail polish washing ashore i love nail polish washing ashore i love nail polish washing ashoreThis is a delightful polish to wear, and very distracting. Wear time was good, with no chipping. I wore it for about a week on vacation, and it miraculously survived me running around and being crazy (most nail polish is no match for my luggage and me). In all of the pictures, I am wearing two coats of Washing Ashore and one coat of HK Girl top coat.

i love nail polish washing ashoreYou can buy this beauty conveniently at the I Love Nail Polish online store for $12.50. I also suggest that you check out their Facebook page- it looks like they’re teasing some new colors that may be coming out soon!

I’ve also seen some really extraordinary stamping nail art done with the ILNP ultrachromes, and I can’t wait to try some myself.

i love nail polish washing ashore I love nail polish washing ashore


2 thoughts on “I Love Nail Polish “Washing Ashore”

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t into duo/multi-chrome until I saw the ILNP ones, and then I was drawn in by the holo and sparkle colors. I have to say that the Ultra Chromes with holo really don’t disappoint!

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