Pahlish “The Moon is an Egg”

This is the polish that makes me like blue. Pahlish’s “The Moon is an Egg” is a gorgeous bright cobalt holo with gold flakes that reminds me of lapis lazuli.  Even better: the whole collection that this is from is inspired by Doctor Who! 

pahlish moon is an  egg

Tragically, there was no sun to be had, so the holo is hiding in my pictures. On the upside, you can see the gold flakes best this way. (Give me ALL the flakes!) application was dreamy- this is two verrry nicely pigmented coats. 

pahlish moon is an egg

I just discovered Pahlish this Winter and I love everything. Such pretty holos, with unique and dramatic combos. I bought “The Moon is an Egg” during a restock on Llarowe

I’m including this last picture because I was photographing in the middle of a snowstorm and an enormous snowflake landed on the bottle. Look at that Ms. Frizzle-worthy perfect snowflake!

pahlish moon is an egg 


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