Colors by Llarowe “Magically Delicious”

Today I have Colors by Llarowe (CbL) “Magically Delicious,” a light purple linear holo. This is a great, high-impact holo, which is what CbL is especially known for. Being an avowed holo-lover, it’s no surprise that I like this one. I like the darker lavender shade, which can be so holo in the sun that its actual color is a bit irrelevant. 

colors by llarowe magically delicious  

The application is good- not as thick as some CbLs and easy to work with. This is three coats here. 

colors by llarowe magically delicious  

When I got this in the March “A Box, Indied,” I immediately looooved it. Then, it occurred to me why: Magically Delicious looks like it could be a near-match for my beloved discontinued CbL “Paper Moon.” So I dug out Paper Moon and put it side-by-side with Magically Delicious. What do you think? (Paper Moon is on the left with the old label.)

paper moon magically delicious colors by llarowe 


One thought on “Colors by Llarowe “Magically Delicious”

  1. I’m so glad I found this page – I’ve recently acquired Magically Delicious and Paper Moon. I’ve swatched both and they are identical – I can’t tell the difference at all!

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