KBShimmer “Men are from Mars-ala”

I don’t own many reds (weird… I wonder why not?), but I can say that this is my favorite red. Before I finally bought Men are from Mars-ala, my fav was a grayed-out Nantucket red from Julep. KBShimmer’s Pantone-inspired “Men are from Mars-ala” has a similar slightly muted Nantucket red feel, but with a lovely holo added in. Bonus! I love this type of color for summer, because it makes me think of beachy things.  Plus, I think the sliiightly orangey undertones go nicely with my ghastly pale skin. (Read: I wear this polish, I perceive a slight tan. No wonder I Ike it for summer!)

kbshimmer men are from mars-ala

This is three thin coats- but two thick coats would have worked as well. I really like how this polish applies and wears. Removal was easy, like most holos (this was a two cotton round job).

  kbshimmer men are from mars-ala

You can pick up this lovely shade at KBShimmer’s website, along with a great selection of other polishes. I love the creative and sassy names of this brand’s polishes! I also enjoy the fact that the “view all polishes” option in the online shop automatically sorts the polishes by color. Who doesn’t want to shop by polish rainbow?


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