Pahlish “Sugar Venom”

The nails have been real pink around here for the last week, and that trend is going to continue today! This is Pahlish “Sugar Venom,” a bright Barbie pink creme that is almost neon in person. Along with the nice opaque creme base, this also has berry square glitters and microglitters. I love square glitter- it’s my polish kryptonite. I’m just calmly perusing swatches and indie sites and then -BAM! I see one and suddenly I must have it. That’s how Sugar Venom ended up on my doorstep last week (and my nails this week).

pahlish sugar venom pink

This is three thin coats with top coat. It is impressively shiny even without the top coat, though, to be honest. The glitter density in this is just right: just enough that it looks balanced on the nail and comes through the opaque base, but not so much that it gets difficult to apply and to remove. 

  pahlish sugar venom pink 

You can find the newest Pahlish polishes on their website, and you can check out colors from older collections through their stockists. I picked this one up at Llarowe. I’m loving Pahlish’s most recent collections, so expect to see more of the brand in upcoming posts!


20 thoughts on “Pahlish “Sugar Venom”

  1. What a gorgeous color! Your post is convincing me that I don’t own enough polishes with glitter accents!

    1. Oh maaaaan, I agree- I just bought everything I could get me paws on a few weeks ago. The landed on my door step and now I’m wearing them all as fast as I can paint!

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