Win Some, Lose Some with Pahlish

This mani did not turn out as expected. In fact, I almost took it right off, but for the sake of full honestly, I decided to keep it and post it anyway. 
What is does have gong for it is this faaaantastic Pahlish mystery shade. The dark teal color with holo and iridescent flakies is gorgeous and I love it. Expect to see it again when I’m not busy being such an fail at nail art. 


Which bring me to the “lose some” part of this post. Oof this nail art is a fail. Yeah, I finally managed to place these big hexes all on the same part of my nail. But then I go to top coat the whole thing and all the color on the glitter slides right off! Why market things for nail art if they melt on contact with nail polish? Argh. In some of these ahots, you can even see the color from the glitter staining the polish. For shame. 

pahlish mystery  

The only thing that’s working for me here is that Pahlish mystery color. I’m loving all the Pahlish right now and am putting up a weak, futile resistance to the newest collection. Prepare to see them soon too. Pahlish just rocks all the flakies. Go- buy them all on her site. Older colors can be found on Llarowe and other stockists. 

pahlish mystery 


9 thoughts on “Win Some, Lose Some with Pahlish

  1. Oh no! I have so many nail fails it isn’t even funny anymore. I appreciate that you post them. I think it reminds everyone that we aren’t all smoke and mirrors. As for the Pahlish mystery shade, it’s freaking gorgeous!

  2. That mystery Pahlish is flipping gorgeous!! Thank you for posting your “fail” (I seriously do not see a fail since the glitter looks pretty good to me lol), not every mani is perfect and it’s all a matter of trial and error 🙂

  3. Ha. I was wondering how you had made the colours blur like that when I first looked!! You’re right, though. The green is gorgeous!

  4. Love this mystery shade! Pahlish is one of my favorite brands. I’m trying to resist the new collection… I’m going to try to be good and just pick up one or two colors.

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