Pahlish “Howling Ghosts”

Lately, I have been completely at the mercy of Pahlish, especially their Bespoke Batches. I’m on that dang website every single week. They’re just so awesome! This polish, “Howling Ghosts,” is from a recent Bespoke Batch, and is everything I could ever ask for in a polish. Purple? Check. Holo? Check. Gold flakies? Yup, those too. Pahlish reads my mind. 

 pahlish howling ghosts purple holo  

The formula on the is great. It went on cleanly and easily. This is three coats, but two is really all you need. Removal was…really really fast. Like, I picked up one cotton round and “poof!” it was all gone. I surprised myself. 

pahlish howling ghosts purple holo 

The Bespoke Batches sell out fast, but keep your eyes on the Pahlish website for new and completely irresistable things. 


11 thoughts on “Pahlish “Howling Ghosts”

  1. I love Pahlish! The bespokes are always so pretty, and I’m so sad whenever I miss out. At least I know there will always be another gorgeous shade coming though!

  2. So, funny story time. I was on a long car trip yesterday and pulled over on a turnoff to buy this week’s bespoke batches on my phone at launch time. As I was finishing up my order a cop comes up and asks if I am okay. I said, fine, officer, I’m on a long drive, just had to stop for a bit. “You sure you are okay?” Yup! LMAO

  3. I love Pahlish’s Bespokes. I have tried to start limiting my purchases, but it’s so hard! I didn’t pick this one up, but I may have to check blog sales and FB groups for it!

  4. Oooo that scatter holo looks so good in that color. I always love a good bright grape polish! Lovely color on you 🙂

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