Nail Hoot “Leviticus”

I was going to start this post with an owl pun, but after  the pirate post last week, I figure you’ve probably had enough of that for the moment. Today I’ve got Nail Hoot “Leviticus,” a pink-orange duochrome with holographic glitter. This polish is from Nail Hoot’s first collection, which has an “in the beginning…” theme (hence the name). 

Nail Hoot Leviticus

This is three thin coats, without any base color. I thought the thickness and opacity were really good on this polish. Even with the glitter, removal was pretty easy (three cotton rounds for me, no undue scrubbing to get the glitter off). 

 Nail Hoot Leviticus

Nail Hoot’s website describes this as “sunset in a bottle,” and is say that is totally on point! I really loved watching the orange and pinks in the summer sun 

Nail Hoot Leviticus  In the close-up, you can really see the effect of the small glitters. They add a little bit of texture and depth to the polish (and hide those inescapable metallic brush strokes). 

Nail Hoot Leviticus  You can purchase Leviticus for $6.50 on Nail Hoot’s Etsy page. When I got this last week, shipping was super fast- I had this in my hands only a few days after ordering. 


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