Pahlish “Sailing the Hispaniola”

Ahoy there! Thar be a picture-heavy post ahead- draw the sails! Weigh anchor! 

Okay, I’m being a wee bit silly (pirate-y) because I’m in love with this whole Buccaneers and Buried Treasure collection from Pahlish. I’m not alone, though: this polish, “Sailing the Hispaniola,” was so popular that another batch was just released. Avast! “Sailing the Hispaniola” is a bright blue with a soft scattered holo. 

pahlish sailing the hispaniola

The formula on this is perfection. It goes on easy: perfect viscosity, self-leveling, zero flooding of the cuticles. It even removed like a dream. It only took one cotton round and there wasn’t even the slightest hint of staining. I am such a fan of Pahlish’s blues. 

  pahlish sailing the hispaniola  

In the sun, the soft holo really shines through, and the polish has a warmer (slight more purple) feel. If I was a pirate, I would make this my signature color and sail the seven seas in holographic blue (because pirates do what they want). In the shade, the scattered holo ends up looking like tiny sparkles (like in the early evening, when the stars start to come out). Either way, it is truly a beautiful polish. Naturally, I thought that this might be a great opportunity to use my brand new macro lens. Shiver your timbers and chance a look down below!

pahlish sailing the hispaniola

Above: indoor/indirect light. 

Below: bottle shot indoors. 


You can snap up (pillage, plunder, or even hijack?) this polish on the Pahlish website. Hurry, while they’re still in stock! 



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