Delush “Medusa’s Verde”

How about a review for this Friday?! Today I’ve got the very spring-y “Medusa’s Verde” from Delush. After raving about the neon crelly glitters from this summer, I have been super excited to try something a little bit different. 

“Medusa’s Verde” has a bright light green creamy base- somewhere between mint and pistachio in terms of blue/yellow balance. Also, there a pretty significant hold shimmer all up in the base. I didn’t realize that this polish had a shimmer when I bought it from Delush’s website, so that was a bit of a (pleasant) surprise for me! Swimming in the green shimmery base are small gold hex glitter and teeny blue microglitter. Because the base is so opaque, they don’t really peek through the layers (like in a jelly polish), but I like the dispersed look going here. I think it helps to balance the colors. Speaking of opacity- this is three thin coats. Two would have been perfectly fine, but I like to push my limits. (Cue the Mean Girls “she’s a pusher.”)

For the accent nail, I went with KBShimmer “Sun and Games” (reviewed here), because I thought it went nicely with the gold glitter in “Medusa’s Verde.” (Also because I’m now obsessed with “Sun and Games” and want to use it all the time.) Playing on the gardeny aspect of the polish’s name and color, I added some floral using Bundle Monster black stamping polish and the BM-XL05  

If you’re into great, opaque glitter polishes, definitely check out Delush! For Fall, they’re releasing a “Dames of Thrones” collection that I’m super excited about. On Delush’s site, you can pick up both minis and full-sized bottles.    


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