Spooky Ghost Nails with Contrary and Bundle Monster

Whose hand is that on your shoulder? You turn around, but no one is there. You wait until the eery feeling gets almost too overwhelming, then as you spin around…there! Behind you, ghostly apparitions are everywhere, reaching out! Spooooky!

Okay, that might be my worst nightmare. I am the worst at “scary” things. I can barely handle the average tenseness in an episode of Doctor Who. I straight up can’t watch actual horror movies because I get to worried about what will happen. So for the sake of terror (aka Halloween), I decided to go with spoooooooky nails with ghostly hands reaching out. Eek! It reminds me a bit of the 2001 horror movie, The Others, which stars Nicole Kidman (one of the three most recent horror movies I’ve seen).

To pull off this look, I started with a charcoal gray base with a slight shimmer, Contrary Polish‘s “When in Rome” (from the August A Box, Indied). Over that, I used Bundle Monster’s BM-XL28 and Bundle Monster white stamping polish for the creepy hands. Bundle Monster’s white stamping polish isn’t the most opaque out there, which works perfectly for creating the illusion of a not-entirely-corporeal being (aka ghost). On top of it, I upped the spooky level by adding a silvery teal glitter topper from Rainbow Honey to obscure the ghost, Haunted Forest-style. (There’s always a haunted forest in ghost movies, right?)

What do you think? Does it remind you of any movies? Is it wrong to admit that even this design actively creeped me out for the several days that I wore it? 



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