Love, Angeline Pink Glitter Mystery

The recent sports-related accident (resulting in my dinky pointer nail) gives me an opportunity to swatch some things I’ve been holding on to, including this glitter pink mystery from Love Angeline.   
I love trying mystery or grab bags, especially from newer-to-me brands. I feel like it gives me a quick way to get an overview of that brand, plus it sets me up with a variety of shades and finishes to try. I think Love Angeline has one of the best deals for mystery bags- only $20 for five polishes.  Some of the polishes will be from previous collections, other will be prototypes for future collections or be total mysteries: this one is labeled as “Mystery and Prototype Box.”

As you can see in the macro, this polish has pink and white microglitter in a clear base. There is also a bunch of holo particles, which give sort of a gold tone in the aggregate. It is totally opaque in two coats, although the gold-ish microflakes make it look like your nail might be showing through. After much deliberation (and experimenting with more coats on my other hand), I determined this was a polish illusion and it is totally opaque. The clear base dries down, which is nice with Tia kind of glitter-dense polish- otherwise it would be a goopy mess. As a result, you’ll definitely need too coat to smooth it out. 

I really like how fun this is up close- kind of like that sticky play sand you got to use as a kid. (A recent trip to the craft store tell me that stuff is still around.) But back your eyeballs up for a bit and this melds into a nice, subtle light pink. Dare I say…work appropriate?

 Grow, dinky nail, grow!


7 thoughts on “Love, Angeline Pink Glitter Mystery

  1. That definitely sounds like a fantastic deal on mystery polishes and you got a hella gem out of it too. I had a little shopping spree with Love Angeline and her clearance sale last week. Love her formulas.

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