Pepper Pot “Rhymes & Misdemeanors” 

I have a totally new-to-me brand to share today! This bad boy arrived in the mail (from my awesome aunt!) just moments before I slapped it on my nails. It’s Pepper Pot Polish “Rhymes & Misdemeanors,” a slate-toned purple with silvery shimmer.   
This is two thin coats. I was really impressed with the viscosity and opacity of the formula- plus it dried super smooth and shiny. Just the kind of thing I love to see when I try new polishes/brands!

You can find “Rhymes & Misdemeanors” on Pepper Pot Polish’s Etsy store. It looks like there’s an interesting variety of polishes, makeup, and bath products on their site- all at a great price point. Plus Pepper Pot is based in my home state of Washington! (I miss you, you beautiful, rainy gem of a state.) Weee! It’s like meeting another person from WA, which is equally exciting because I live 3,000 miles from the land of drizzle and pine trees.   

I added an accent nail inspired by my current board game night favorite, Innovation. In the game, players work their way through different innovations in progressive eras, starting with prehistory and working to present. The eras have themed cards and the cards have a mix of symbols. Somewhere in the middle (I’m going to say the “Renaissance”), the lightbulb symbol appears. So in honor of my new favorite game, I added a lightbulb accent nail using Bundle Monster BM-XL26. I was tempted to add gears and formulas, but decided in the end to keep it simple and stick with the symbol from the game. (Also because I tried all possible options on my other hand and didn’t love it.)

  What do you think? Do you have a favorite board game, or game in general? Do you play board games often? (I have a whole stack and play probably once a week or every other week.) 


11 thoughts on “Pepper Pot “Rhymes & Misdemeanors” 

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for featuring my nail polish! I love all of your photos, you do such great work. 🙂 As for games, Acquire has become a friend-group favorite on weekend nights. It’s a real estate game, and basically brings out the worst in all of us when we play, but it’s still super fun.

    1. Aw thanks!!! I thought this shade was really cool and the formula top notch! I can’t wait to try more 🙂 I haven’t heard of Acquire yet, but I’ll have to look. Monopoly is banned in our house (we made a guest cry once), so we might need a new real estate game.

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