Indigo Bananas “Reign”

Feast your eyes on Indigo Bananas “Reign,” a red jelly with duochrome flakies!  
This is going to be an old school photo dump, because I just couldn’t choose. The flakies were captivating and I wanted to try it out a couple different ways. Scroll down for matte!

 I had this polish on my lemming list for a long time, and over the summer got it from an amazing swap partner (thank you!). I’ve had such high expectations for this polish that I’ve been nervous about trying it out. But I finally put on my big girl polishing panties and swatched it!

First, it’s a real jelly jelly, meaning that the red base is pretty sheer. I’ve got it on here over a maroon creme. Luckily, the formula isn’t thick and dries down very well, so the extra layer of under-color wasn’t a problem at all. I like the different sized of duochrome flakes in this, and I think the flakes-to-base ratio works well for the formula (and for looks). I really like how the matte top coat (Essie “Matte About You“) highlights the flakies (maybe I just have a crush on matte top coat). 

 Even though I took a thousands years to find this polish, you don’t actually have to wait. Reign is totally available on the Indigo Banas site, which also has bright polishes in tons of finishes (I’m eyeballing a bunch of cremes after seeing the Crème à la Mode Box



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