Ornament Nails with Model City, Daily Charme, and UberChic

Don’t mind me- I’m just going to drop by with a mani inspired by ornaments on a Christmas tree. Too late, you say? You clearly haven’t seen my living room, where my tiny artificial tree stands tall (44 inches high), waiting for me to put it away. During Spring cleaning. Maybe in April. (Okay, in reality, I did these nails in December before even putting my tree up, it I’m still but a wee bit behind. Have mercy on me, please?)

For this look, I started off with the astonishingly gorgeous “I’ll Catch You” from Model City. For me, the pine green holo loaded with gold holo glitter gave this look the perfect impression of a Christmas tree catching the light and colors of its decorations. Gold holo glitter, how I adore thee.

For an accent, I used a Christmas tree charm from Daily Charme. I love the idea of quickly zazzing things up with charms- they kind of give you a color palette to work with and some inspiration. Plus they’re fairly inexpensive (this was $2.99 for two of them) and totally reusable.  Works for me!

From there I decided that I would try my hand at reverse stamping (making stamped decals) for the first time ever.  Just off the bat, I would like to say that I am really not great at most thing I try for the first time (but I experiment! for science!)- I keep waiting to discover that I’m miraculously amazing at something and I have had this hidden talent all my life. This is a way that I convince self to try random new things. For the record, I haven’t found the hidden talent yet. Anyways, decals were hard to do. I tried (using Uber Chic’s fabulous Christmas plate) and created some mad lumpy decals that are distinctly not colored within the lines. But, hey, they work, right? Less Target-designer-holiday and more Dr. Seuss’ Christmas, but hey, I’ll take it. Next time I think I’ll use a dotting tool instead of trying to glob color on with the regular brush.

What do you think? Do you still have holiday decorations up?  Have you recently found your hidden talent? Inquiring minds want to know (really, if you’ve found your hidden talent I do want to know- I keep trying to convince my boyfriend that this is a real “thing.”)


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