Pahlish “Khanbaliq”

Here goes my first individual post for Pahlish’s Adventures of Marco Polo collection! (Whole collection post here.) They’re all spectacular, but this one absolutely knocks my socks off. 

“Khanbaliq” is a milky jade creme with small red flakies. I’ve seen this lean lighter on people, but against my super-pale skin the color looks pretty bright. For me, it leaned bluer in the shade and greener in the sun. The formula is astonishingly good- two smooth coats is all you need. It’s so creamy and self-leveling that it makes polishing totally effortless. 

The whole Adventures of Marco Polo collection is inspired by Netflix’s series “Marco Polo,” which follows the dashing, young 12th century traveler through his harrowing time in the court of Kublai Khan. I’m actually in the process of watching the series right now and I’m loving the combination of beautiful sets, fun action, and historical people/events. The historian in me absolutely loves shows like that that make the Middle Ages all sexy and exciting and approachable. The series is visually stunning, and I can see how it inspired both Pahlish and Elevation Polish. 

Khanbaliq is the capital city for Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Empire and one of the main sets for the TV show. As a capital city, it shows of the wealth of the empire (and the power of the Khan of Khans) to travelers like Marco Polo and others. Thus, the whole place is covered in precious materials that speak to the Khan’s status. For me, that’s where I see the link to this precious jade color and the red flakies. What do you think? Do you see the connection?


  That’s Marco and Kublai Khan in his audience hall. I’m totally seeing the inspiration here!

“Khanbaliq” is one of the prettiest polishes I’ve ever laid eyes on. And I know “milky jade” sounds like a color that could have a sketchy formula, but honestly it is perfect. I didn’t want to take it off. I am sitting here now and I want to put it back on, even though I have a basket of untrieds. I have a zillion ideas for nail art with this color (red stamping! gradients! glitter ombré!). I hope you can tell how genuinely excited I am about this color. 

If you’re obsessed with this color like me, you should go check this out on Pahlish’s website. It’s in stock right now and the next restock is on Sunday!

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