Ever After “Booby Trap”


Greetings! I had a post planned for today, but it was not a very bright polish, and after the snowy weather this weekend, I felt like we all needed something bright. Did you get any snow? I think we got 5-7ish inches here on Saturday and then Sunday was gloriously sunny. With all that sun glinting off the snow, I couldn’t help myself but to slap on some holo for your viewing pleasure. You might catch a peek of my winter coat in some of the pictures- I was climbing all over the snow drifts to get the best holo-y angle and it was chilly out!


This pretty pink princess of a polish is Ever After’s “Booby Trap.” I imagine that the name is some reference to the annual breast cancer awareness month (lots of makers made special polishes in service of the cause and give them cheeky names), but I received it in a recent mystery grab bag.  This polish is a medium mauve-y pink jelly. With a very in-your-face holo and lots of gold flakies. The combination of jelly and flakies gives the polish an opal-ish metallic sheen that is very unique in my collection.  (Then again, I don’t have an extremely large number of pinks in my collection either.)


As you can tell, the formula on this is fairly sheer. I used three coats here and you can somewhat see my nail line in the sun. It was less noticeable in person, but with the finish of the polish it seems intention rather than accidental anyways. This dried very smooth, even with the flakies, though I’m showing it here with a layer of Love, Angeline’s “Topped With Love” top coat. I always use top coat in my pictures because it makes everything dry hard super quickly- otherwise I go to take pictures and I immediately knock into something and ruin the paint job. I can’t be trusted not to ding my nails, even in my own home. 


I love how the gold flakies in this polish stand out in the shade.. This is the kind of polish that wow in both the sun and in the shade, but in totally different ways. It is the kind of polish that I generally thinks works really well as a secret office shade- it looks demure, but not too standard (but there’s really a “party in the back” going on the whole time because you have that secret holo”. I can’t be the only person so thinks about office-appropriate shades this way. (Hopefully; although I’m totally willing to accept that I’m an odd pistachio in this regard.). To be fair though, my real office. Seems like let me wear whatever polish shades I desire. (Which definitely makes me feel lucky.)

Booby Trap was a special polish as part of a 30th birthday of Miranda,  the hand care maven at Ever After, so it is no longer available. However, if you are in some desperate need, I would peer around online for it or try your hand at a mystery grab bag. (I am always pro grab bag.) You can check out Ever After’s current offerings -including their awesome Cuticle Crelly–  on their site. I have been really impressed with their holos and holo-flakie combos so far.  Their shipping isn’t the fastest, but the owners are very good about checking in and giving updates of their Facebook fan page, which eliminates my need to obsess about having to wait a day or two extra.  I also have to say that they have great one-on-one customer service as well. When I snagged this mystery bag, I also picked up a number of other items. Because I wasn’t paying close enough attention (typical), I accidentally messed up the order and frantically emailed trying to change things. They were super nice and took care of everything right away. Thanks guys!


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