Pepper Pot Polish “Last of the Mojitos”+ Coupon Code!

Ahoy Mateys! Today I’ve got the first of a few fabulous shades to show you from Pepper Pot Polish. This light minty stunner is the “Last of the Mojitos”, a literary-inspired name that brings me back to my childhood bookshelf  (I’m not entirely certain it was a kids’ book, but I was a teacher’s kid and age-appropriateness wasn’t a thing we were worried about, maybe?). This bright summery ff-white mint green creme is accented with a green shimmer that is hiding in these photos, but quite satisfying in person

For something that builds off of a white-ish base, the formula on this is very good. I went with a little less polish on the brush for  very manageable first coat, and then a normally-loaded brushes for coats two and three. The third coat wasn’t necessary- I have a tendency to always add a third coat for good measure and just to see if it makes a difference.You’re good with just two here! I really like this kind of color for the summer- it stands out against my tan (kidding I don’t tan) and looks nice with the lighter and brighter colors I wear in the summer months (I’ve been trying to wear more white but mostly I just run around in the brightest neons I can find).

You can pick up this snazzy shade on Pepper Pot Polish’s Etsy page, here. Plus, Mackenzie, the talented maker behind Pepper Pot Polish, has given me an exclusive discount code for readers. You can take 25% off (!!!) you total order using “PHD2016“! Deals!


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