Pepper Pot Polish “Mods Vs. Rockers”

Mauve Pepper Pot creme nail polish

Pepper Pot Polish is my go-to for nice coverage cremes with depth. She also has a way of convincing me that I secretly love colors that I usual shy away from. Mauve? Why would I wear mauve when there are obnoxious holo flaky neon bonkers colors to wear? Oh right, because you’ve made a mauve into smooth, creamy perfection that just freakin’ goes with everything and lasted forever. Fine. Fiiiiiiiine. I acquiesce to your greater wisdom and your darn magical polish.

Mauve purple creme nail polish

“Mods Vs. Rockers” is one of those polishes with an undertone that leans into whatever you’re wearing. The dusty mauve goes perfectly with my jeans and fuschia polka dot puffer (I’m a woman of highly refined tastes) as well as my all black-and-cream colored work outfit. It is also a FANTASTIC base for nail art.

Mauve purple creme nail polish

The formula is great- you’re looking at two thin coats for complete coverage here, and it smooths over even my weirdly ridge-y nails. Yes yes yes. More of this please all the time always. The formula has that just-right consistency that makes it a breeze to paint with. Ever so slightly patchy looking with one thin coat, but it evens out instantly with the second.

Mauve purple creme nail polish

You can pick this shade up at Pepper Pot Polish’s Etsy store for $10. She also usually runs a number of specials for Black Friday, so i wouldn’t miss checking them out this holiday (*cough* shopping) weekend. Also- if you use “PHD2016” you can score 25% off your order (excluding shipping)! I’ve seen the beautiful dusty shades for winter and they’re definitely worth checking out!

Mauve purple creme nail polish


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