Pepper Pot Polish “You’re Driving Me Bananas!”


Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday (and at least one day off from work)! Tonight I’m posting yet another fantastic creme from Pepper Pot Polish- “You’re Driving Me Bananas!” This guy s the ideal buttery banana-yellow creme, without any of that pesky nonsense that some yellow shades put you through.


Also, I should mention that while I’m typing this up, I’m re-watching my favorite childhood movie, Beauty and the Beast. This is the exact PERFECT yellow to recreate Belle’s ball gown in nail art form- why didn’t I think of this before?! (Oh right, because I haven’t seen this movie in maybe 15 years thanks to it being kept in the Disney vault beyond my reach.)


As I alluded to earlier, the formula on this is GREAT for a pastel or yellow nail polish. Smooth and shiny and opaque- this is three thin coats, but two thicker coats would have been fine. I thought this was fairly easy to work with (again, considering the pure pain-in-the-behind-ness of some bright or pastel opaque cremes, I was a happy camper here for sure). On the first coat, I had a teeny bit of trouble getting perfectly even lines at the cuticle (yes, I am lazy and don’t do the intense clean-up that better bloggers do),  but it evens out nicely on the second coat.


I love Pepper Pot Polish’s cremes (and shimmers!) on their own as especially as bases for nail art. You don’t need a thousand coats for smoothness and opacity, meaning that your nail art look doesn’t end up getting thick or smushy  (a pet peeve of mine). What I’m saying here is: strong recommend. “You’re Driving Me Bananas!” is available on Pepper Pot Polish’s Etsy site for $10. Go get it! (and then do Belle/Beauty and the Beast nail art and show me- you can tag me on Instagram if you do- @llajax!)




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