Pepper Pot Polish Wild Planet Collection

Pepper Pot Polish knows how to make colors that speak to my heart. All I want for the start of summer weather is BRIGHT colors on my nails! And boy does this collection deliver on both eye-popping color and summer vibes.

The “Wild Planet” collection is inspired by one of the maker’s favorite bands growing up, the B-52s. So roll the windows down, feel that late spring breeze in your face and sing at top volume. Fun fact about me: my teenaged car was a UFO-esque 2001 Saturn SC1 and it didn’t have automatic anything, so I had to decide before I went anywhere whether I was going to commit to windows down, or windows up. Once you started moving, hand-cranking them back up or down was not happening. Anyways, I listened to a LOT of loud music while being blasted with highway-speed winds.

The collection has four shades that channel the silly and eclectic style of the B-52s: “Private Idaho,” a bright yellowy green with green shimmer and yellow gold flakies; “Hot Pants Explsion,” a vibrant purple in a red-leaning base with black and teal holo micro glitters, and pink/blue micro flakies; “Cosmic Thing,” a shimmery, foily blue/green with a slight yellow shift and blue/green/purple flakies mixed in, and “Planet Claire,” a work-approved soft frosty pink with silver metallic flakies. Each shade has a totally different personality and cool vibe. It was hard to swatch them, because I got so attached that I didn’t want to take them off. I keep trying to write down which one is my favorite, but I’ve changed my mind three times.

Private Idaho

Hot Pants Explosion (isn’t this name wonderful?)

Cosmic Thing (this is a dang masterpiece in nail polish)

Planet Claire

This whole collection will be available starting Friday, May 11th at 12pm PST (that’s 3pm for us East Coast gals) in the Pepper Pot Polish Etsy shop. Another polish is launching at the same time, a collab between Pepper Pot and cat-IG WinstonPurrchill, “It’s Winston!” Between launch time on May 11th and May 18th at 11:59 PST, 20% of sales at the Pepper Pot Etsy shop will go to benefit the Seattle Humane Society- so you can pick up that shade and this whole collection without any guilt, since it’s for a good cause! You can check out swatching and info for “It’s Winston!” here.


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