Girly Bits “Serendipity” 

Hello all! Today I have Girly Bits “Serendipity,” a gold holographic polish with two sizes of small pink and lavender glitter. 

 girly bits serendipity  

Long story short, I love it. It had me at “gold holo,” and I stayed for the cute glitter. It is close enough to my (absurdly pale) skin tone that I can get away with wearing it as a sparkly neutral. (Is that a thing? It should be.) and oh man, does it just shiiiiiiine and shiiiiine in the weak Spring sun (Spring in the northeast is just starting to hint at happening). Below, you can see the holo in the aforementioned weak sunshine:

girly bits serendipity  

Application was easy, even for the glitter-challenged (me), and you’re looking at three thin coats (I think I could have gotten away with two, but sometimes you’re just having too much fun brushing on a new color).

girly bits serendipity 

Ahhhh, but “where can I get this gem of a polish,” you ask (because you are the Frodo to my polish-Bilbo Baggins). Then I just look reminiscingly into the distance and tell you the long and arduous journey required to acquire this polish. Kidding. Serendipity was available as part of the March 2015 “A Box, Indied” through Llarowe


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