ILNP “Happily Ever After”

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) “Happily Ever After” might be my new favorite polish. It’s a light lavender holo packed with silver flakies. In the sunshine, the effect is full-out layered-looking holo bling. In the shade -oooooh man- this polish comes to life in the shade. With the holo calmed down in the shade, the silver flakes come to the foreground for a really gorgeous purple metallic look. 

ilnp happily ever after

Application was pretty darn easy. This is three thin coats (two would have been fine, but I was having fun). Removal was a cinch, despite the flakies. 

  ilnp happily ever after

I love this polish- it is just such a unique combination. When I saw the pre-orders for ILNP’s spring collection, it was actually a totally different polish that caught my eye (“Fame,” a silvery gold version of “Happily Ever After”), but I added this to my cart as an afterthought. Best decision. 

ilnp happily ever after

With the soft color and the silver flakies, wearing this polish makes me feel like a fancy piece of antique French furniture. But fresh, because it’s lilac and holographic. So kind of like the spunky French armoire in “Beauty and the Beast,” but less cartoon and more live-action. 

ilnp happily ever after

I highly recommend ILNP. They have great holos, multichromes, and flakies (and polishes that combine those elements!) and a great shopping experience. I really like their pre-orders, where you can get the newest polishes ahead of time and for a dollar less! If you like “Happily Ever After,” mosey on down to ILNP’s website and check it out! 


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