Dance Legend “Neptune” with WingDust Accent

Bright sunshine calls for holo polish! For my weekend adventures, I chose Dance Legend’s “Neptune,” a faded denim blue linear holo with big ole’ holographic particles in it. I love the holo-on-holo effect of the different sized holographic particles. It fits into my “more is more” attitude about nail polish quite well.  dance legend neptune wing dust gilty pleasure blue gold holo  

As you can see, the holo payoff on this polish is awesome. The huge holo particles are something that makes it really unique (and a reason I keep going back to the Holodays and Wow Prism collections from Dance Legend). It isn’t the most opaque polish in the world- this is three thin coats. On the other hand, it is pretty easy to work with and nicely self-smoothing. 

dance legend neptune wing dust gilty pleasure blue gold holo  

While i was painting on Neptune, I felt inspired by the children’s book “Le Petit Prince,” which has adorable illustrations, mainly in a similar faded blue and yellow. So I decided to do a “Petit Prince”- inspired accent nail! I added a coat of WingDust Collections’ “Gilty Pleasures,” a clear top coat with gold leaf, silver leaf, and iridescent flakes. While I was at it, I added a 3D star/rhinestone to complete the themed look. 

dance legend neptune wing dust gilty pleasure blue gold holo

Here is a little illustration from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 children’s book “Le Petit Prince” to give you a sense of the colors:

If you’re looking to buy Neptune, keep your eye out for Dance Legend’s Holodays collection. Neptune also goes by “No. 853” an comes in two sizes (full 15mL size and mini 6.5mL size). You can buy Neptune through the Dance Legend site, but depending on where on the planet you live, you may want to like another supplier, since Dance Legend is based in Russia (shipping and customs and all that). I tend to buy my Dance Legend from Llarowe, since I live in the States. You can pick up the WingDust polish either from their Etsy page or via another supplier, like Llarowe

  dance legend neptune wing dust gilty pleasure blue gold holo 


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