Dance Legend “Chumash”

I’m going to say it: this is my new favorite glitter. I somehow purchased it in a blind polish-buying stupor, was pleasantly surprised when I saw the bottle in person, and totally blown away when I put it on. This is Dance Legend’s “Chumash,” from the Malibu Collection. It is a bright green cruelly with white and lime small glitters, medium pink and lime square glitters, and white diamond-shaped glitters. The glitter payoff is fantastic, and there’s no fishing necessary. Square glitter lovers- behold!

dance legend chumash  

This is three thin coats, with two rounds of top coat. With all the glitter in there, this just eats top coat, so if you’ve got something like “Glitter Food,” you might try that to get the glassy look on top. 

dance legend chumash 

Oh man, this is just so fun and spunky. I want to wear it all summer (and I probably will). I picked this up at Llarowe, but it is also still available at the Dance Legend website. If you’re on the fence, consider that I’m not normally a glitter person, and this has stolen my (admittedly fickle) heart. Are there more polishes like this? I need them all!


8 thoughts on “Dance Legend “Chumash”

  1. This one is so much fun with the bright base and colours of glitter! This is the first I’ve noticed the diamond shape glitter outside of indies too!

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