Mystery with Love, Angeline

Mystery spoiler warning!!!

As you probably know, I love holos. Love ’em. Keep ’em coming. You probably don’t know that I’m a total sucker for mystery polishes (I also can’t say no to mystery grab bags). They get me every time. So when I was recently perusing Love, Angeline’s site for new vinyls and I saw listings for two mystery polishes, naturally I had to have them. 

love angeline mystery holo  

This is one of the two gorgeous holos that came! In reality, I am the worst of surprise ruiners (and to be fair, I googled widely to try and figure out what these would like like before they came, to no avail). So, in the spirit of things, I won’t spoil the surprise in the text here. (Shhhhhh it is possible to tell, but not searchable.) this lovely mystery holo is a creamy light gray packed with iridescent flakies. The holo was totally blinging out in most lights, but for me, the flakies just brought this to another level. I LOVE the uniqueness of this. 

love angeline mystery holo  

The formula was a little bit on the thicker side, and this is three coats. It held up very well, especially since I’m learning to play softball (sports and manicures…do not go hand in hand).

love angeline mystery holo  

LOOK! In this macro that I took at sunset, you can really see the holo playing nice with the flakies. 

love angeline mystery holo  

In the summer storm gloom, you can see how creamy and light colored this shade is. It definitely is not a metallic silver holo. I’m really considering using this as a “white” base for Fourth of July nail art. 

love angeline mystery holo 

How can you resist those flakes? If you find yourself completely bowled over and unable to resist (like me), you should hop over to Love, Angeline’s shop


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