Pahlish “Star Upon Your Shoulder”

I wear bright polish year round, but for me, summer is a time where it is especially  fun to run around in the brightest colors I can find (this extends to clothes as well- I have a whole bunch of neon pants and shirts that I wear throughout the summer). In the spirit of this “all things bright and beautiful” approach, I’ve got this eye-poppingly bright shade from Pahlish. This is “Star Upon Your Shoulder,” an almost Caribbean blue-green creme (it’s showing up slightly bluer in pictures than in was in person for me) with multicolored flakies and big ‘ol platinum flakes. The flakes are the perfect density, so in some moments, they fade away from your notice, and in some moments, they totally steal the show. 

pahlish star upon your shoulder 

The formula on this was perfection (dear Pahlish, I love you). It basically applied itself. This is two coats and top coat. Removal was a breeze (one and a half cotton rounds) and there wasn’t even a hint of staining. 

 pahlish star upon your shoulder  
This was a Bespoke Batch, meaning that it is limited edition, but keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes Pahlish will do a mystery bag of Bespoke Batches or re-release older popular colors. Definitely check out her website and see if anything catches your fancy- there are new Bespoke Batches every couple of weeks!

pahlish star upon your shoulder 


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