ILNP “I See You”

Gold has always been one of those nail polish colors that I find myself buying. Gold holos are an especially delightful find for me, and I’m always adding new ones to my wishlist.  As I keep branching out, I find that my “gotta catch ’em all” attitude toward gold polish has expanding to include a number of nude and beige toned gold holos. That is precisely how I ended up with I Love Nail Polish’s “I See You,” from their Summer 2015 collection. This is a very light gold, champagne-y color with both linear and scattered holo. 
I took one look at the combo of linear holo and big old scattered holo particles and knew I’d be a happy camper. In the shade macro, you really can get a sense of how big the particles are and how they change the look of the polish. The holo particles in this are much bigger than your average scattered holo, but smaller than the almost-shred size in the Dance Legend Holodays collection (see my review of Neptune, from that collection, here).   

One of the biggest diffrences from those Dance Legends collections is that the ILNP is much more opaque (Neptune and its cousin, Party Time, were both in a more jelly base). For me, this was perfectly smooth and opaque in two thin coats. Application was easy- is even say easier than other ILNP polishes I have (which aren’t difficult by any means). I would say that this brand runs a bit thinner in terms of viscosity than some other indie brands, but I was really pleased with the application. I especially liked how smooth and easy it was to use, and that even with the more metallic elements, it didn’t emphasize any of the texture or ridges/imperfections in my nails. I’d say this was a 10/10 for me. 


“I See You” and the rest of the Summer 2015 collection (along with several other shades with a similar finish) are available on ILNP’s snazzy website. I have always enjoyed good turnaround and shipping times from ILNP and have had generally good shopping experiences with them. 

I’ve noticed/realized lately that the shopping experience is something really central/critical to why I enjoy indie polishes (among a great number of reasons- I mean, I’m also obsessed with holos). As such, I’ve been feeling compelled to share my [personal] shopping experiences -good, bad, or neutral- along with my blogs. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in seeing, or if there’s anything in particular that you are interested in hearing about! Thanks guys!


12 thoughts on “ILNP “I See You”

  1. ILNP has remained one of my favorite indies not just because they’re gorgeous but because I love Barbara’s customer service 😀 Beautiful swatches!!

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