Hot Air Balloon Stamping with Love, Angeline and Colors by Llarowe

My first effort for “try new nail art July!” I decided to go with some different stamping on each nail and use one of those landscape-style stamping plates. I am really happy with this- it might be the best stamping I’ve ever managed! (So prepare yourself for a zillion photos.)

I started off with two coats of Love, Angeline’s “Mystery Holo #1,” which is a fabulously opaque light purple with serious pink flash. (Check out the macros!) After that , I used a dark navy holo “Oops!” polish from Colors by Llarowe. I get these Oops mystery grab bags whenever they’re available and love using them for nail art. 


For the stamping, I used MoYou London’s Mother Nature #6 plate. I originally bought this for the cute little houses on the bottom, but have put it aside for a while because ice been intimidated by the landscape style of the plate. They look so cool, but they’re so hard to figure out!


I love how well even the tiny little details came out! My camera may have had a hard time capturing everything, but I assure you that it’s a feast for the eyes in person. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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