Holo-Tastic Warm Gradient with KBShimmer, Jade, ILNP, CbL, and Vibrant Vinyls

*Warning: picture-heavy post ahead*

Does anyone remember the Disney musical “Oliver and Company”? In it, there’s a dramatic show-poodle who sings “sometimes I’m too much for even meeeee” (video here, in case you’re blanking on this one). That’s what these nails make me feel like. I’ve been over dramatically waving my hands around at innocent bystanders hoping they see my nails (sorry post office lady, Chipotle checkout person, and Starbucks barista). I am full-proud of these- they might be the most legit nail art I’ve ever managed. Also, I squished purple, red, gold, and loads of scattered holo all into one mani. Dreams do come true! Please, share in my moment before someone calls me on my over the top vanity here. 

First off, I started with a nice neutral (holo) base of KBShimmer “In Bare Form.” I’ve been eyeballing this for months and finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago. It’s a good “nude” color for my light skin tone and works well underneath the gradient (instead of white).

Then, over the base, I sponged on a gradient of Jade “Irresistível” (a gold scattered holo with bronzey flakes), I Love Nail Polish “Closure” (a red scattered holo with super big holographic particles), and Colors by Llarowe “Oops!” (this one is a pink-toned purple with scattered holo from a grab bag). I thought these might work well together since they all have a scattered holo formula. And because scattered holos get me right in the polish-feels all the time. I’ll be honest, this mani makes my heart pitter-patter. 

For an accent, I sponged the gradient over Vibrant Vinyls quatrefoil stencils. I general struggle with vinyls because my nails are very curved, but I really liked how they came out! I think that using the sponge for the gradient gave me a bit more control in terms of not getting polish everywhere over the vinyl. 

So here are the macros! Feast your eyes on flakie scattered goodness!


What do you think? Do you like it better in the shade or in the sun?   


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