Gradient Practice with Pahlish

Well, I’m going to chalk this one up as “practice.” Inspired by all the killer gradients I have been seeing, I wanted to practice my own. So I grabbed Pahlish “Tropical Island Treasure” (reviewed here) and “We’re All Mad Here,” which are both light cremes with small flakies. The similarity in formula worked perfectly and I love how the gradient turned out. Then, of course, I had to go and get all cocky and mess it up. 

Thinking “oh sure, I’ll just stamp right over that like a fancy person,” I proceeded to mess up the lovely gradient. I’m thinking I just chose the wrong polish to stamp with, and so it was a hot mess? I was aiming for a soft gray-purple jelly. I got a smooshy blob. I did like the plate though! This is Bundle Monster BM-XL04, which I picked up in a set of ten. 

Lumpy stamping aside, I’m so happy with the gradient! I managed to get it smooooooooth and I like how the flakies go from copper in the purple to gold in the aqua. I’m thinking I should try more gradients!



17 thoughts on “Gradient Practice with Pahlish

  1. It’s always nerve wracking when you have a good gradient but you might possibly mess it up with stamping! Uggghh! But I think you did great! Very pretty.

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