KBShimmer “Alloy Matey!”

Are you ready for some serious sparkle?  You better prepare, because this polish has its phasers set to stunning! In all seriousness, this polish pushes the final frontiers of blinginess. It goes where no glitter has gone before (for me at least). Today I’ve got KBShimmer “Alloy Matey!” a silver super holo glitter. I’ve never really worn a glitter like this because I’m afraid of the intense removal, but this reply knocked my socks off. Armed with a pop-off glue base coat and three thins coats of “Alloy Matey!” I am a very happy camper. 


The two shots about and two below are the “full direct sunlight” pictures. My camera can barely handle the holo sparkle of it all. 


The next four shots are in the shade. You can see that it comes off more silver, but the scattered, glittery, holo goodness is still there in force. I love it. Even indoors I felt like a full-on Vegas showgirl. This has different (generally very small) glitter than catches the light to create a big impression. This felt so special that I changed my mind about covering it up with nail art and just did an Art Deco accent using Bundle Monster BM-XL03 and the blue Bundle Monster stamping polish. 


I adore how this looks and can’t wait to use “Alloy Matey!” again (think of the accents!). If you don’t have a silver holo glitter in you collection (I didn’t! How is that possible?!), I’d say snap this one up! You can find it at KBShimmer’s website (I’ve always had good experiences shopping there-things in stock, speedy shipping, rewards points, and vinyls extras). 

For a bonus, here’s evidence of my camera struggling to capture the holo-ness of this polish:



15 thoughts on “KBShimmer “Alloy Matey!”

  1. This is such a fabulous glitter polish! I used to dread taking them off, but once I started using a glue base for easy removal, I’ve been much more likely to enjoy them.

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