Illyrian Polish “Pink Topaz”

 *Picture-heavy post because glitter*

The glittery fun of “Alloy Matey!” earlier this week got me in the mood for more sparkles, so I grabbed one of my new polishes from the For the Love of Polish box, Illyrian Polish’s “Pink Topaz.” This is the first time I’ve picked up a For the Love of Polish box, and I really liked it! It came with this pink glitter, a blue holo microglitter from Polished for Days, a peach scented latex barrier from Glisten & Glow, and HK Girl top coat from Glisten & Glow (plus some small gems and a ring pop)! It shipped satisfyingly fast and all the packaging was super cute. Verdict: will do again. 


The theme of the box was “gemstones,” and I think “Pink Topaz” fits the theme perfectly. It is a dark pink/magenta microglitter in a pink jelly base. This is three thin coats, though I think two would have been fine. I topped it with the HK Girl top coat from the box (which is my regular top coat- it was my “excuse” to buy this box, since I needed a new bottle!). 


Here come the sun pictures! For the accent, I used a base of KBShimmer “In Bare Form” (my new favorite base for nail art) and vinyls from the Polished for Days store. Over the vinyls, I put “Pink Topaz,” KBShimmer “Sun and Games,” and Polished for Days “Lapis Lazuli” (also from the box). I think it came out a wee bit messy and kind of circusy?    
I think I’m really starting to warm up to glittery polishes (armed with my trusty glue base)! What do you think of this look? Do you have a stance on bling-fingers?


9 thoughts on “Illyrian Polish “Pink Topaz”

  1. I live for glittery polishes, definitely love them so much. This shade is so beautiful on you! I haven’t tried this brand but have been seeing so much of it lately.

  2. I’m so loving your accent nail! I’m all for glittery nails. I don’t care if I get glitter everywhere when I remove it (or if my poor husband ends up going to work with glitter on his shirt)!!

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