Pahlish “The Heavenly and Primal”

The Adventures of Marco Polo collection has four holos and each of them totally knock it out of the park. “The Heavenly and Primal” is vampy, rainbow-y perfection, in my opinion. It’s a blackened ruby that flashes red in the sun and is a beautiful, sparkly deep plum in the shade. 



The formula is fantastic. Two thin coats and you’re good to go. The consistency/thickness was just right for a paint-and-go with no mess. You can add “The Heavenly and Primal” in the paints itself on category! I love a polish where I don’t have to worry about making a mess around my cuticles. 


This polish shares a name with the high-drama season finale episode of Netflix’s “Marco Polo.” I feel like the deep color of this polish and the intense holo reflect the intrigue and (spoilers?) slightly graphic nature of this final episode. I pulled a few shots from the show that I think get at that same emotional color range:


Yeah, you better be worried, Marco. This all just got very 12th century real, huh? So much action and drama, I can hardly take it. But look at those rich colors. Do you see the inspiration here? Have you watched Marco Polo at all or read about his adventures? There’s a theory in academia that he made large parts of it up, based on the specificity of placenames after a certain part in his tale.

Here’s some pictures of “The Heavenly and Primal” in the shade. You can see that it’s dying to give you holo rainbows, even out of the direct sunshine!

 The Adventures of Marco Polo collection has four holo shades: “The Heavenly and Primal,” “White Moon,” “Eternal Blue Sky,” and “Hundred Eyes.” All of them are available on Pahlish’s website right now, with another restock coming this Sunday (and usually on each Sunday until the next collection comes out). If you’re interested in the others, my review for the whole collection is here, with individual posts on each polish coming throuought this week. 




8 thoughts on “Pahlish “The Heavenly and Primal”

    1. I just grabbed BotM out of my Helmer- the biggest different is that it has a ton gold flakies. It is also redder (whereas tHaP is more plummy) and might have a slightly more scattered holo. Color-wise, tHaP is closer to Pahlish “The Virgin Queen.”

  1. Wow just wow these are gorgeous. I’m actually wearing OPI Ds Extravagance right now and was thinking it might be a dupe but…. after looking at the photos again I think Heavenly leans more purple and Extravagance leans more pink.

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