Pahlish Adventures of Marco Polo Collection

I am the MOST excited for today’s post! I’ve got the whole Adventures of Marco Polo Collection from Pahlish. The collection is a collaboration from Pahlish and Elevation Polish (each have their own seven piece collection, plus the shared Venetian duo) inspired by the Netflix show (and true-life story of) Marco Polo. 

This collection highlights everything I love about Pahlish- fantastic formulas, fall-into-their-endless-depths blingtastic holos, smooth cremes with killer flakes, and beautiful nude shades. With each one I painted on, I had a brand new favorite- not just in this collection, but in my nail polish [golden] hoard as a whole. 

This post will give you a taste of the collection- throughout the week, I’ll be putting up posts of each individual polish in the collection with a zillion pictures and details about the inspiration and formulas. I love these all so much that I feel like they all need the individual attention!

First up, the cremes:



Hashshashin, inspired by the dangerous, sneaky assassins, is a pale taupe with a red pearl shimmer. I love that this is light enough to be a real “nude” on me and that it covers perfectly in two coats. Plus the subtle red shimmer makes it unique from every other taupe in my collection.

The Cricket Minister


Inspired by Song government official Jia Sidao in the TV show (and real life!), this is an olive green creme with scattered blue, green, and gold ultrachrome flakies. Oooh those flakies- they just bring this to a whole different level. I wish I could wear this on my nails all the time. 



This milky blue-green jade color with red flakies is inspired by the capital city of the Mongol Empire. I adore how it shifts between bluer and greener depending on the light. This is just so smooth, I can’t wait to use it for gradients and other nail art!

Now, for the holos:


White Moon


This intense silver linear holographic shade is also packed with silver flakes that add extra punch and make it a complete stunner in the shade as well. Heck, even in the shade, this polish throws of holo rainbows. 

The Heavenly and Primal


This blacked ruby holographic polish shares a name with the high-drama season finale of the TV show. In the shade, this takes on a stunning sparkly plum persona. 

Hundred Eyes


In the TV show, Hundred Eyes is a blind (badass) monk who teaches Marco Polo kung fu and serves as a bit of a mentor. Historically, he was a Mongolian general (who also interacted with Marco Polo), known as “Bayan of the Baarin.” “Bayan” translates into English as “rich,” and that’s exactly what this mahogany holo with bronze flakes is. My nail polish collection has very few brown shades in it, and this gorgeous polish has got me scratching my head and wondering why. How could I be missing this in my life and not even know?

Eternal Blue Sky


The eternal blue sky plays a big role in the medieval Mongolian culture that Marco Polo gets thrust into in the TV show, and I feel like this deep teal holographic shade captures that depth and variety. The holo rainbow on this is just bonkers and just keeps on going and going even in the shade. 

The whole collection is available right now on Pahlish’s site (both in a set and individually) with restocks throughout the month. Keep your eyes peeled for more detailed posts throughout the week which will show off each individual shade!
What do you think of the collection? Are there any that just call your name?


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