Polished for Days “Lapis Lazuli”

It has been a great summer of discovery for me, and this polish is no exception. First, I’m just starting to accept/grow to love glitters and jellies. Second, this is my first from this brand, Polished for Days- and part of my first experience with the “For the Love of Polish” box. What can I say? I’m really loving trying all these new things and discovering new-to-me brands. 


Polished for Days’ contribution to the July For the Love of Polish box is “Lapis Lazuli,” a deep blue jelly absolutely packed with small holo glitter. On my skin, this leans ever so slightly more cornflower (aka yellow-toned), rather than a more purpley blue. The jelly base does a great job of letting the holo glitter shine through without losing any opacity. This is three coats and top coat, although I feel like two coats would have been more than fine. (I’m perpetually doing an extra “just in case.” In case of what? I’m really not sure. In case a third coat magically turns everything into a pink holo or something? I don’t know. But I’m here to always go that extra coat just for science’s sake.)

The viscosity is thicker, due to the mega glitter load. I also found that it dried on the gritty side (again, glitter), but that top coat smoothed it out nicely. On the upside, each layer dried very quickly- a bonus when you’re in a glitter-and-go mood. (I’m betting that’s a real mood.)


“Lapis Lazuli” was an exclusive to the July For the Love of Polish box; however, if you’re looking for something similar, I’d suggest you check out “London” from Polished for Days’ “Around the World” collection. Also, definitely check out the For the Love of Polish Instagram to see sneak peeks of upcoming boxes and see when they go on sale! I will say that in July the box sold out within a matter of hours- just a heads up! But shipping was basically instantaneous and I had the whole fab package in a matter of days. If you’d like to see the other polish from the July box, Illyrian’s “Pink Topaz,” I have a review and some nail art here!


10 thoughts on “Polished for Days “Lapis Lazuli”

  1. Love this polish, though I may already have a dupe for it. I really wish I could of snagged the July box, but I am looking forward to trying to get one in the future.

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