Plaid (Notre Dame) Gameday Nails!

It’s Friday and the weekend is coming! What is the best part of the weekend (besides not having to work)? College football! And what’s the best way for a nail polish obsessed person to express their enthusiasm for football? Gameday nails!

To celebrate attending the Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech game a few weekends ago, I painted a design inspired by the official Notre Dame plaid, worn by the band and the Irish Guard.    
I used Pahlish “Sailing the Hispaniola” (reviewed here) as the base. Then, I constructed the plaid using 57 vinyl corners from KBShimmer (I find the corners easier to peel than the plain straight lines), Maybelline “Bold Gold,” Bellaoggi “Ladylike,” and Bundle Monster black stamping polish. I’m embarrassed to say that all those layers took me several hours. But dang, I am happy with how it turned out. 

I wore these nails to the game! See my photographic proof from the amazing stadium in South Bend, Indiana! 

Do you do gameday nails? I know a ton of us polish gals are also major sports fans, so I’m willing to bet there’s a lot of amazing team-inspired nail looks out there!


9 thoughts on “Plaid (Notre Dame) Gameday Nails!

    1. Awwww 😦 I’ve only ever lived in places that have terrible baseball teams, so I never got to be excited about postseason baseball. I’ve been a lifelong hockey gal (woooo!) but have only been getting into college football in the last few years (I went to a school with a silly football program, but my man-person has pulled me into his alma mater).

  1. I wish I was more into sports to do a mani, but I am so terrible at keeping up with things haha. I never know who’s winning or what’s happening. Beautiful mani, I especially love that blue base.

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