Rainy Day Holo Gradient with ILNP, Colors by Llarowe, and Love Angeline

Good morning! Ever have a downright gloomy day? My mood was matching the craptacular weather earlier this week and I decided to embrace the gloom with my nails.   
 Behold the storm cloud holo gradient! I started with a base of ILNP “Fame” and sponged on a gradient of “Fame” and Colors by Llarowe “That Bloo is Mine!” and an inky purple “Oops” polish from a mystery bag.


On the accent nail, I only did a gradient of Fame and That Bloo is Mine, so the cloud design would stand out. I used Love Angeline’s cloud vinyls and the CbL Oops to finish off the look. All in all, I think this worked pretty well! The gradient is a bit rough, but I was kind of aiming for that (also I was having a bad day and “rough” expressed things pretty well).

 Although I’ve been blogging a while, I think this is one of the first times I’ve really used nail art to express myself when I was feeling down. It’s a bit of a new and strange experience for me, especially sharing them now. Also, it’s a little odd that my nail art inspired by my grumpy mood far outlasted the mood itself. 



7 thoughts on “Rainy Day Holo Gradient with ILNP, Colors by Llarowe, and Love Angeline

  1. I’m glad that your nail art outlasted your gloomy feelings! It’s a beautiful manicure! It’s going to be rainy season here soon, so I’ll probably be doing something similar to this after a month of no sun.

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