Glam Polish “Alien”

I’m tempted not to say anything about this polish- it’s just too dang good looking. Look! Look with your special eyes!   
This sexy beast from Glam Polish hits all the high notes: deep jewel-toned jelly, GREEN, flakie, and multichrome. Yes please, and thank you. It’s the flakies in “Alien” that really get me- there’s such a variety in the size, shape, and tone of the flakies that gives it a really unique look. Amongst the fairly large green flakes are coppery flashes that really stand out and give the polish that extra oomph. 

 Two coats are all you need for full opacity. I did a third coat here to see if it made any difference, and I can assure you it looks exactly the same. In terms of formula and use, I noticed that this dried fairly quickly and very smooth for a flakie-packed jelly. I also noticed a slight funky smell that I associate with certain opaque blues and greens. (Maybe that’s how I know it’s gonna be real good?) The funk isn’t too bad, and is probably only perceptible to me and my overly sensitive olfactory system. (Seriously, I drive people crazy with my *sniff sniff* “Do you smell that?”)

 Overall, I really like this polish. I have a thing for greens, and I’ve been looking for something like this for a loooong time. I realize That I was holding out for more and bigger flakies, but now that I’ve seen it can happen, I know. Thanks, Glam Polish, for filling the green flakie polish hole in heart! “Alien” is an LE for the Halloween season, but it looks like it is still available in the Glam shop. And good news for American shoppers: even though Glam Polish is an Australian brand, they have an American shipper, so things arrive cheaply and speedily to US addresses! My order took just under a week from purchase to doorstep. (Shipping from somewhere Midwestern, as I recall.)  


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