OPI “Live and Let Die” with KBShimmer Accent

Confession time: despite it being one of the largest nail polish companies on the planet, I only own two bottles of OPI. And they’re from the same collection. I’m not sure how this happened, and it isn’t to say that I don’t love ogling people’s gorgeous OPI swatches (dear “Honey Ryder” and Mariah Carey Christmas collections, please escort yourself to my home)- I somehow just haven’t ever collected them. Despite the OPI shaped hole in my collection, several years ago I went on a desperate search for polishes from their James Bond collection. I love movies, and I’m a huge bond fan, so I had to have them. Also, going back to Wednesday’s post, not you know I’ve been searching all these years for a green flakie that speaks to me. 

The dark blackened green with gold flakies is “Live and Let Die” (after the 1973 movie title- the eight film in the bond series and the first starring Roger Moore!)  With the new movie “Spectre” premiering this week, I had to do a Bond inspired mani using a Bond polish!
 For the accent, I was inspired by the classic swirls that show up in Tons of bOnd opening sequences:


I used a geometric swirl pattern from MoYou London’s Sci-Fi #8 plate and stamped using Julep Casey over KBShimmer Sun and Games (reviewed here). This polish is so dark, I wanted a lighter, flashier accent nail.   

Although my bottle of Live and Let Die is a few years old now, I wanted to comment a bit on the formula. Holy heck this opaque. One coater, for sure. On the downside, it was a bit chemical-y. It didn’t smell per se, but my eyes watered viciously the whole time I was painting. To be fair though, by the end of a crazy long work day, I feel like I have more that normally sensitive eyeballs. 

 What do you think of this look? Do you have a favorite Bond movie? Have you recently seen Daniel Craig in a sweater? (Because if you haven’t, I highly suggest it…swoon.) I just saw Spectre last night and I loved it!



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