Pahlish “Expecto Patronum”

I am so excited about today’s polish! It is “Expecto Patronum,” a silvery topper and part of Pahlish’s Harry Potter-themed Forbidden Forest duo. Harry Potter! This amazing topper has silvery platinum flakes and circle glitter than mirror the wisps in a patronus charm.  There’s also tiny blue and purple flecks that remind me of the surface of the lake when Harry gets saved by a particular patronus.     

I have “Expecto Patronum” layered over the other half of the Pahlish monthly duo, an smooth navy creme named “Whomping Willow.” (Review coming later!)

 This is one layer of the topper- it’s just the right mount for the topper. Not too much, not too little. The base is also the optimal thickness- I really appreciate that it didn’t get goopy and difficult to work with, especially with the amount of flakies and glitter in there. It absolutely didn’t require any special placement or brush handling- what you see is exactly how I slapped it on there. 

I seriously love this so much. I’m not usually an enormous topper person, but this was so easy to use that j couldn’t help but like it. And it was so sparkly and beautiful with the purpley-blue coming through the varied silvery flakies. This is the first monthly duo I’ve purchased from Pahlish (I’m usually hesitant about buying in twos), and I won’t hesitate again. The craziest part is that I bought this duo for the blue creme, but ended up lovingExpecto  Patronum so so much. I would definitely advise picking this up and checking out all the options on the Pahlish site 



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