Ever After “Steel Magnolias”

Merry Monday, all! I had a bucketload of nailmail this weekend, so I have a ton of polish to show you soon! Now, if only I can get the sun to cooperate, so I can boggle your mind with some of the amazing holos that are sitting forlorn in my dim living room. (Dim because of the weather, I swear I have lamps.)

 Today I have my first polish from Ever After. I’ve been swooning over this brand’s polishes for months and finally picked some up in a restock a few weeks back. This is “Steel Magnolias,” a steely medium-gray polish with either a fine scattered holo or a scattery linear holo and tons of little silvery flakies. There’s a really great amount of flakies in this and they catch the light just so inside or on rainy days. This isn’t one where the flakies hide (even out in the sun- scroll down to the sunny macros!)- they’re really showy in every light. On my very pale skin this leans ever so slightly green-gray rather than blue-gray. I think on anyone who isn’t creeping up on the porcelain side of Pantone, it would probably look slightly less mushroomy (umami? does this polish look like umami tastes?).
The formula on this was a knockout. Gray and packed with flakies? No problem for opacity here. This was two smooth, easy coats- fully opaque and no VNL in sight. The viscosity was perfect for me-of-the-shaky-hands and anyone who has an ongoing battle with painting their cuticles (also me). I’m going to go ahead and make the call- this is one that paints itself on.
This was my first ever purchase with Ever After. I enjoyed the shopping experience and the site. I purchased during a restock but had no problems getting what I wanted (and more…always more). The Ever After shop has some interesting looking hand care products that I might try next. The packaging was cute- and came with candy! I am a sucker for candy! My one gripe (and this isn’t really Ever After’s fault) is that my order took three weeks to get to me. There was a bit of a wait between the order and shipping (normal), and then post office limbo. That said, the extra week my package spent infuriatingly bouncing back between my local post office and the sorting center three miles away? I know in my heart of hearts that it has nothing to do with Ever After. I’m just mad salty at the post office for keeping my from my new polishes.

It looks like there aren’t many polishes listed at the moment (I’m thinking prep for a big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale), but keep your eyes peeled on the site for more holo flakie goodness!



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