Pepper Pot “Feelin’ Nice”

Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, I’m feelin’ niiiiiiice. Today I have the third post featuring shades from Pepper Pot Polish’s Autumn/Winter Collection. This is “Feelin’ Nice,” a shimmery metallic bronze that totally says: “Why yes, I am the princess of an ancient Mesopotamian civilization. Would you like to see my hanging gardens?” Seriously though. Look at how lush and dimensional that bronze is. I’m going to melt this polish into solid ingots and hope they don’t sink into the Mediterranean Uluburun-style.
   All three of the Pepper Pot shades that I reviewed were very opaque. This here is the motherlode. Psh. One thin coat more than does it. This is the kind of polish where the formula is made of magic and you could polish with your eyes closed and not need to do any pesky cleanup. At some point, I’m going to have to investigate exactly what it is about viscosity that makes some polishes (like this) “easier” to use than others (thin polishes, why u hate me?).
 You can find find “Feelin’ Nice” and the rest of the collection on Pepper Pot’s Etsy store. In addition to nail polish, Pepper Pot also has fragrances, cuticle oils, lip glosses, and eyeshadows.

Bonus: until December 18th, every $50+ order will get an awesome free gift! The gift is “Feeling Naughty,” a sparkly chocolateley red polish (think chocolate covered maraschino cherries) and a cabernet-colored deep plum lip gloss with a hit of sparkle. I wonder if “Feelin’ Naughty” is some sassy counterpart to “Feelin’ Nice?” Mmmmm. Both of the free gifts are wrapped up in an organza bag (great for gifting…or keeping. I’m generally a big fan of keeping).

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