Pepper Pot Polish “The Slow Fade” + Coupon Code!

*Note: you know how you haven’t seen a lot from the blog lately? Since the summer, I took a bit of a break and made it a goal to post on Instagram more often (less time spent photo editing and writing, more instant gratification from likes). It…kind of helps with the general anxiety I feel about life? I went on this blog break thinking I had all my swatching posts up, BUT I just realized now that these swatches of beautiful polishes from Pepper Pot Polish are caught in the “scheduled” folder of my blog editor. Blast it all, WordPress! So you’ll see these come out in quick succession now!*

Hey friends! I’ve got a little something something to show you today! This color is “The Slow Fade” from Pepper Pot Polish, and it’s got some tricks up its sleeves. At first glance, “The Slow Fade” looks like a nice sedate pink creme, but when you get all up in its business,  you can see loads of darker pink, gold shimmer, and some sparse blue shimmer. Voila! Work appropriate from afar, and mesmerizing up close.

The formula on this is super user-friendly. I used three thin coats for full coverage, but  could have gotten away with two thicker coats. The first coat on this one definitely goes on sheerer, but it builds, so don’t worry mid-polishing! I really liked the viscosity on this- not too thick, but also not thin, so it is easy to manage and paint on the nail without making a mess.

You can pick up “The Slow Fade” from Pepper Pot Polish’s Etsy page– plus she’s made a code just for Phd in Nail Polish readers! If you put in “PHD2016” at checkout, you can get 25% off your whole order! I love me some discounts!

Loooooook! Look at that shimmah!


*I received this polish for swatching and review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and entirely honest. Because that’s how I roll. And changing your roll for others isn’t cool.*


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