On the 8th day of polish, my true love gave to me…”It’s Snowin’, I’m Glowin'” from Le Polish

And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeee! Welcome to Le Polish’s 12 Days of polish collection! I am so, so excited to show you this polish! So what’s the deal? A dozen bloggers teamed up with indie brand Le Polish to collaborate on a dozen custom shades based on holiday-related photos. In the lead-up to Black Friday, when the whole collection is released, we are sharing one shade a day, to the tune of the “12 Days of Christmas” classic song.

So here we go! On the eighth day of polish, my true love (or Le Polish) gave to me…”It’s Snowin’, I’m Glowin'”! This is a deep blurple polish with a shifty blue shimmer, silvery micro-flakes and teensy red glitter. (Check out that macro for alllll the details).

My inspiration is a photo that reminded me of snowy Whistler village (my favorite wintry place on earth). It has the purple glow of a snow-covered area at night, with cheery Christmas lights. I love that one tree, just being its rad filled-with-Christmas-joy self. I am secretly this tree. Once it starts being dark all the time (thanks, Daylight Savings Time…whose daylight are you saving?), I turn to everything holidays to keep my spirits up. Bad day? I’ll just listen to some classic holiday tunes and I can get myself through the workday. Stressful week? Can we pleeeeeease put up the tree??? And if it snows? Oooooh man, I’m just the happiest. I LOVE snow. I showed my boyfriend this picture without any context whatsoever, and he simply responded “you are that tree.” He also helped come up with the polish name. He tolerates my Christmas obsession.

The formula for this polish is really great. It’s one of those where the first coat is a bit sheer, and then that super satisfying second coat goes on and everything is magically 100% covered and smooth. Yes yes yes.

Wear time was really good for me- I ended up wearing this for 5 days- a couple of days shiny, and then a few more with nail art and matte top coat (oh hey, there’s a nail art look coming). This survived without chipping at all for me over the whole time I wore it, even though I spent part of the week at work putting together a gigantic mailing (thousands of envelopes, zillions of sticky labels, and bunches of boxes to haul around). It is usually murder on my hands, but I was pretty impressed how this survived.

The best news (and ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh the most exciting part for me) is that YOU CAN HAVE THIS!!!! I collaborated and Le Polish made a thing and you will actually be able to buy it! It goes live on her site with the rest of the 12 Days of Polish Collection at midnight EST on November 25th. You can pick up this shade (and all the others!) for $10. Guys, do it! You will not regret it. I know that this shade isn’t a typical holiday color, but it is super versatile (and lordy, does it look good matte).

You can check out the rest of the shades on Le Polish’s social media: Facebook, Le Polish Lovelies FB Group, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. For the record, you can also find me on my Facebook and my (significantly more active) Instagram (@llajax),.


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